What is Site Work?

In preparing a site, multiple processes need to be coordinated and completed before construction can begin. With decades of experience gained from building one custom home at a time you can rest assured Classic Homes has encountered and resolved almost every potential issue that could delay construction.

A photo of a custom Avenel model in gray James Hardie shingle and plank, with white windows and trim on a homesite with seed and straw.

Site work for new home construction includes everything necessary to prepare your lot for construction and approval by inspectors. That process includes site engineering, permit development and applications, vendors’ scope-of-work and bid management and fee payments to the County and utility companies.

In fact, clients of Classic Homes will enjoy the freedom that our site management program affords as we handle everything from land surveys to demolition of existing homes and reconnection of all utilities.

Sitework Expenses

  • Land Engineering
    • Land Engineer for all building plans, applications and surveying work
    • Site work estimates and bids
    • Pre-construction meetings with the engineer

  • Grading, Sediment Control, Landscaping
    • Lot clearance
    • Tree removal
    • Rough and fine grading
    • Sediment control measures
    • Storm water management systems
    • Construction entrance egress
    • Basic landscape
  • Site Maintenance
    • Dumpsters
    • Street sweeping
    • Maintain construction entrance
    • Silt fence
    • Winter control maintenance

  • Utility Disconnection and Demolition
    • Disconnection of public water and sewer
    • Disconnection of power, gas, cable
    • Removing existing structure

    • Permits
      • Permits (right of way, sediment control, demo, building permit)
      • Permit application and management
  • Utility Connection
    • Hook up of public water and sewer
    • New tap for water and sewer if required
    • Utility SDCs (system development charges)
    • New electric connection
    • Reconnection of existing gas line

  • Miscellaneous Site Work Tasks
    • Sidewalk replacement or repair
    • Asphalt driveway and driveway apron
    • Dirt removal/replacement
    • Oversized basement dig

An aerial of a lot on Hempstead Dr in Bethesda, showing the site outline and house placement.

Choosing the Right Lot

The home site you select will have a big impact on the scope of site work required.  While it may feel like there are an overwhelming number of factors to consider, our experts can help you choose a lot, estimate the approximate site work costs, and identify any potential issues.

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“We thought constructing our home would be a very stressful endeavor, especially with full-time jobs and two kids; however, the professional at Classic Homes seem to make it simple. From selecting a design, property location, preferred lender, and construction materials; Classic provided the best, forward thinking recommendations that matched our research and due-diligence.”

—Rich via Google Business

“Since I’ll be growing old in this one, I probably won’t ever build another home; but if I did have the opportunity to do so, I wouldn’t hesitate to build with Classic again.”

—Donna via Google Business

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