Why should I build on my lot instead of buying a new home or renovating? What are the cost savings?

Building a new home on your lot is often more cost effective than than buying a pre-built home or renovating. Read More

Where do you build? Is my lot located in your service area?

We build primarily in Montgomery, Prince George’s, Howard, Frederick, Anne Arundel counties. Call our office to determine whether your property is located in our service area.

When should I contact Classic Homes to begin the planning process?

As soon as you know that you’re going to build a home, preferably right around the time you purchase, or are about to purchase, your land.

We’ll help you select a floor plan that will be suited to your living style and make any desired architectural changes. We’ll explain the on-your-lot construction process in details, and educate you on the potential costs involved with site work and county fees.

By coming to us early in the process, you’ll be assured not to waste time and money designing a home that is outside your budget or simply won’t fit on your lot.

Your prices seem too good to be true. Are there any “hidden fees” that Classic Homes has?

Our prices are for the construction of a new home. The only thing you pay for above the model price is the options you select for your home if you desire.

We do not have management fees, administrative fees, or project fees. However, we do strongly encourage you to hire our recommended site manager for a fee of $10,000 - $15,000 to help streamline the project.

How much money do I need upfront to purchase a Classic Home?

Virtually nothing. We require a $10,000 earnest money deposit at the time you sign a contract. This deposit is refunded to you at settlement. That's all it takes!

How do I know how much house I can afford?

The price of a home will vary depending on the type of base model you choose. The goal of our program is to identify what’s important to you, and provide you with a detailed budget up front, so that you will have the information needed to make your decision. It’s a good idea to speak with one of our preferred lenders early on in the process so you know how to budget your new home.

How long does it take to build?

Once excavation begins, it is our goal to be done in 6-7 months. Some custom homes can take up to 9 months. When weather is extremely cooperative and our homeowners are on top of their few responsibilities, we have been able to finish in about 5 months.

How do your prices compare to other builders?

While most custom builders charge anywhere from $150 to $250 per square foot, our homes start at just over $100 per square foot. This is not because we compromise on quality in any way. It’s because we understand our costs and know our homes inside and out. All our models are designed in-house and are built to provide you a well-constructed home that is cost effective to build. Most custom builders, however, are building each home for the first time and have to add on additional costs for variances (the unknowns) during construction. This is the part we cut out and where you save. Above that, our construction quality, homeowner satisfaction, and overall value for the dollar are unmatched in the building industry.

How do I know what models will fit on my lot?

We design our homes to fit common lot situations so you can rest assured that we will almost definitely have homes to fit your lot. The specific buildable area is primarily based on your lot size and shape and the zoning district in which your lot is located. Occasionally, topographic constraints or HOA or other association restrictions can come into play. We will help you determine the homes that will fit on your lot. Your site engineer will give you further confirmation and can help you decide how you want to orient your home and where on your lot you would like it to sit.

Can we use a contractor or supplier that is not a Classic Homes preferred one?

We strongly believe that our contractors and suppliers are the best in the business, and we will not sacrifice the quality of their work to use someone else. Our subcontractors have been carefully screened and many have been working with us for years and have built a reputation of providing superb quality and workmanship.

Additionally, because we use primarily the same subcontractors on all our jobs, we obtain consistently high quality which has earned us an excellent reputation in the industry.

Can you help me find a lot or a tear-down home?

If you are looking for land or a tear-down on which to build, come see us. We can help narrow down the house type you want so that you can better figure out what size and shape lot you will need.

We have a variety of tools on our website to help customers search for a lot. Take a look at our listings, browse with our land search tool, and teardown searches.

How does financing work?

Even when it comes to financing, building on your own lot can save you significant money. If you are tearing down your existing home, you can use the equity you've built up to avoid putting a down payment and reducing your interest rate. Even if you are buying a lot or tear-down on which to build, the savings from building on your lot means that you may be able to reduce your down payment and perhaps even your interest rate. The loan you would receive is called a Construction-to-Permanent loan. It is very similar to a mortgage except that instead of paying all at once, it pays out in installments as the home is constructed. When the home is complete, the loan becomes a normal end loan, just like a mortgage. The rates and terms are the same as what is available for mortgages except that you have more flexibility to do things like roll in payments during construction and add allowances for other items like a deck or landscaping.

Will you build from my own plans?

We certainly will have a look at your plans and determine whether we are the right builder for you. Each builder has their expertise, and we understand ours. We will not attempt to build from plans that are not within our construction expertise. Prices may be higher for completely custom homes, but this is not always the case. We'd love the opportunity to build your dream home, whether it's one of our models or your own.

Are there any architect fees?

No. We've spent years developing a variety of floor plans so that you don't have to worry about hiring or paying an architect.

If I want to make changes to any of the floor plans, what are the costs involved?

There are usually architectural fees required with any significant changes to floor plans because new drawings will be required. The amount can vary but is usually between $1500 to $5000 depending on the amount and type of changes.

What other costs should I be aware of if I decide to build on my own lot?

You will need to consider site work (any work that must be done on your lot such as demolition, connecting to utilities, site plans, landscaping, etc) and county fees. These costs vary depending on lot conditions and county. We can assist you in determining an approximate range of costs.

How do I go about completing my site work? Do you assist with this?

We are involved with you right from the beginning, well before construction starts. We have several options to guide you through the site work process, to help make it as hassle-free as we can. We allow our customers to hire the contractors of their choice and pay them directly. We receive no kickbacks or commissions from the contractors we refer you to for completing your site work. We know this may be your first time ever building a home, and we want this to be as easy as possible for you. Don't worry - we're there with you all the way!

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