Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact Classic Homes to begin the planning process?

The ideal time to connect with us is when you decide to build a new home, preferably before you start searching for land. Knowing the footprint of your new home will greatly affect the lots that will work with your plans.

We can also help you with your preliminary homesite research, so that you don’t waste time negotiating on land that doesn’t fit your dream home, or is not a buildable lot.

By starting the design process early with us, you will avoid wasting time and money creating a home that exceeds your budget or selecting a lot that doesn’t fit your family’s needs.

Can you help me find a lot or a tear-down home?

Absolutely! We can help narrow down the type of house you want in order to determine the size and shape of your required lot. We also offer packages that include both the lot and the home. About one-third of our clients find lots through our services. Click below to try our tools designed to help customers search for a homesite.

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Will you build from my own plans?

Yes, provided your plans have been designed by a Maryland licensed architect with the appropriate, detailed scopes and specifications. We can also work with your architect to determine the scope of work if they have not created a standard set of specifications.

If your architect is not licensed in Maryland, we will evaluate your blueprints and determine to what extent we need to use our in-house architects to re-draft your existing plans.

What models will fit on my lot?

Our homes have been designed to fit common lot sizes and site conditions, meaning there will most likely be models in our portfolio to fit your homesite. Our architects will help you determine the choices, and our site engineers will confirm those options and help you decide how to best locate and orient your home on your land.

Is my lot located in your service area?

Classic Homes of Maryland builds primarily in Montgomery, Howard, Prince George’s, Frederick, and Anne Arundel Counties. Contact our office to determine whether your property is located in our service area.

How much house I can afford?

That depends on the lot costs, the site work expenses for the lot, and the model you select from our Portfolio Collection or the house that our architects design for you. We will help you to identify what elements are important to you and provide you with a detailed budget at the outset, allowing you to to make decisions on how to proceed.

We also encourage you to speak to one of our preferred lenders early in the process in order to understand your budget for the land, lot improvements, county fees and construction costs.

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Why should I build on my lot instead of buying a new home or renovating?

Building a new home on your lot is often more cost effective than buying a pre-built home or renovating.

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What other costs should I be aware of if I decide to build on my own lot?

In addition to any county fees, there will be site work costs such as demolition, site plans, utility connections, landscaping, etc.). These costs will vary depending on your county and the condition of your lot. We can assist you in determining an approximate range of these costs.

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Can we use a contractor or supplier that is not a Classic Homes preferred one?

Our contractors and suppliers are the BEST in the business, consistently delivering the superb quality we demand for every home we build. And, because we use the same subcontractors on all our jobs, we are able to achieve the highest quality of work – the same quality that has earned us an outstanding reputation in our industry.