Quality Assurance

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Complete Satisfaction

We believe that in order to succeed, we must embrace the opportunity to continuously improve the products and services we provide to our customers. With that in mind, we offer the following quality assurances to all our clients.

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Quality Assurances

  • Our Construction Managers conduct quality control inspections at major milestones

  • 90-day inspection with follow-up service appointment

  • Dedicated email and phone support from our warranty team
  • Customer walkthroughs: foundation, framing, electrical, close-in, homeowner orientation

  • Final Customer walkthrough with your Construction Manager

  • Final quality control inspection (Vice President of Production & Warranty Service Manager)
  • 11-month walkthrough with follow-up service appointment

  • Complete vendor list for direct scheduling

“I just wanted to commend Dave on his support.  He has been patient, thoughtful, and thorough in all of his fixes.  He is a great representative of your company.  Thanks for his help!”

—Enlai, "Thank You" email

“Dave came last week and finally it seems the noise is gone when the wind blows. I wanted to praise the great work and exceptional customer service that we have received, it is beyond our expectation.

I always feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful house with my family. I feel we are spoiled by Classic Homes because of services we received and there is no other builders can match up.”


“Dave came for the walk on time today, he has done a great job to fix what we have marked and beyond. He was thorough and very helpful. Dave has initiated and arranged appropriate experts to come to finish the remaining issues. We appreciate Dave’s professional expertise and customer services very much.”


“ I really appreciated the service I received from Dave. On the one year inspection he was thorough and he ensured that I understood everything that needed to be done. He was just great.”


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