December 2013 | Home Tips

There are many things you can do to help prepare your home for these cold winter months, some require little more than a tube of caulk or a flip of a switch.

Ceiling Fans for Winter
Did you know ceiling fans aren’t just for summer? Some ceiling fans come equipped with a switch to change the fan rotation direction for winter months. This sends the warm air near the ceiling back down into the living space. This can be especially helpful in those difficult to heat two-story areas of your home. Classic Homes come equipped with a ceiling fan pre-wire in some rooms, and they can be added to other areas of your home for a nominal fee.

Fireplaces for Heat?
Traditional fireplaces are not necessarily the heat source people think they are. According to Dominion Power, even with a roaring fire going, it would be more efficient to seal off your fireplace, due to the cold air that comes in through an open flue.

Gas fireplaces however, can be a nice supplemental heat source, especially when positioned strategically in the home. With no need for a pile of firewood and little to no cleaning, an attractive gas fireplace is a wonderful addition to any family or living room. Classic Homes come equipped with gas fireplaces, but if you prefer a good old fashion masonry fireplace, that’s always an option too.

Benefits of Two-Zone Heating
Are the bedrooms upstairs in your home too hot to sleep, while the downstairs living room is barely warm enough to relax on the couch and enjoy a movie? Consider installing a two-zone heating and cooling system in your home. Multiple thermostat systems allow you to set separate temperatures for different areas of your home. The systems work through the use of dampers in your air ducts, wired to a control panel. A two-zone heating system can help you keep a consistent temperature throughout your home, while saving on your energy bills.

Questions about the energy efficiency of Classic Homes? Contact our Sales Team at 301-256-4110.

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