May 2020 | charity

Classic Homes of Maryland is teaming up with Friends of Sparsh to help families in need during these difficult times.

Donate to Friends of Sparsh and Classic Homes will match your donation up to $1,000.

Friends of Sparsh can feed a family of four for an entire week for just $40. Together we can help make a difference.

“We can’t help everyone, but…everyone can help someone.”
– Dr. Loretta Scott


Who Are the Friends of Sparsh

Friends of Sparsh is a non-profit organization founded by Prakash Saraf and his 13 year old son Neev in November 2018.

“Sparsh” means “a kind touch”. Prakash and Neev aim to touch the lives of those that are in need. The mission of Friends of Sparsh is to “Enhance the life of others with service, kindness, and compassion.”

Friends of Sparsh connects within the community, for the community. In pursuing the mission, Friends of Sparsh has
partnered with Project PLASE, a homeless shelter in Baltimore MD area.

Friends of Sparsh sponsors a food bank for the community residents. So far 55,000 pounds of food have been distributed.


Friends of Sparsh’s accomplishments include:
  • Assisted 46 families with basic items such as television, mattress, furniture, and kitchen essentials to help them resettle from transitional home to permanent housing.
  • With the help of volunteers, Friends of Sparsh coordinates meals for the shelter residents and have served about 60,000 full meals.
  • Due to Covid-19, Friends of Sparsh have doubled their efforts, distributing masks to the homeless community and providing dinner daily.
    Read Neev’s interview with non-profit network Points of Light ->


About Your Donation

Friends of Sparsh is a tax-deductible non-profit charity organization, Section 501(c) (3). Donations can be made as follows:
Mail a check: Friends of Sparsh, 3108 Nestling Pine Ct. Ellicott City MD 21042
Pay by credit card, call – 301-538-3834


Please be sure to note that your donation is being made as part of the Classic Homes matching program.