Sustainable & Energy Efficient Homes

Classic Homes is committed to building efficient and sustainable homes, reducing the impacts of construction and development on the environment, while improving and protecting the value of the community and the natural resources of all Maryland Counties.

A modern farmhouse style home green board and batten, modern ledge stone and brown doors, windows and trim.


With today’s building codes, any new home construction can be considered “green.” However, only through careful design and material selection can a home truly be considered highly efficient and sustainable. These are all the ways we work tirelessly to make each new home we build as green as possible.

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Green Building

  • 2’ x 6’ Framed Exterior Walls increase the structural strength of your home, allow more space for insulation – high-density R-19 in walls, andR-49 in the attic.

  • Air Tight Thermal Envelope designed to eliminate air uninsulated areas for a tight insulation barrier from the basement slab to the attic.

  • Low VOC Paints reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released to the outdoors and to reduce the formation of ground-level ozone.
  • Engineered Lumber Systems minimize site disturbance, ensures structural integrity, provides efficient construction and eliminates onsite waste.

  • High-Performance Windows have special coatings to block the heat in warm weather, retain the heat during cold season and block damaging ultraviolet sunlight.

  • Sustainable Lumber is sourced from forest stewards who grow, harvest and process wood in a way that leaves the landscape intact and local ecosystems healthy.
  • HVAC NATE® Certified Contractors offer added assurance that your new HVAC system is designed and installed in accordance with the industry’s best practices.

  • ENERGY STAR® Appliances offer added assurance that your new HVAC system is designed and installed in accordance with the industry’s best practices.

  • Storm Water Management—With the help of civil engineers, we employ techniques that beautify your yard, while reducing the need for mowing or the use of potable water.

At the end of construction a consultant will conducts a blower door test to measure each home’s air tightness, and check the ventilation capacity with a duct blaster test, to measure exhaust flows and test the efficiency of your forced-air duct system. Every home must pass these stringent air-tightness and ventilation tests.

A family room detail showing a coffee table and couch in front of a gas fireplace with natural wood mantel


On average, our homes are more energy efficient than typical residential construction. Every Classic Home undergoes a series of performance tests and meets strict energy program standards, our assurance to you that your new home is comfortable, safe, durable and energy efficient.

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