ddpuri-foundation-logoOctober 7, 2015 – This past week our founder, Prem Puri, and his latest spec home, 9704 Spicewood Ln, were featured in The Washington Post.

The story touches on Prem’s long career as a builder, as well as his charity, the DD Puri Foundation, which will receive the profits from the sale of the home.

Founded in 1998, the charity’s goal is to help provide for the most unfortunate in India, providing funds for everything from medical care to supporting a school for the deaf and blind.

DD Puri has branched out since its inception, and now contributes to causes in East Africa, South Asia and the Pacific. One recent project provided education for young girls in a Kenyan refugee camp.

Photos of the spec home, also appear online in the Washington Posts “Distinguished homes for sale in the D.C. region” feature.

Click here to view a PDF of the complete Washington Post article.

The Rockville Mayor and Council, in coordination with the Rockville Economic Development, Inc. (REDI), gave a proclamation on March 5, 2012 declaring the week of March 12-16 as Rockville Business Appreciation Week. Each year, the City of Rockville and REDI celebrates Rockville’s businesses during a special Business Appreciation Week to highlight the importance of the business community to Rockville’s health and prosperity.

On March 15th, Classic Homes was visited by one of REDI’s “ambassador teams” to discuss home building as well as collecting economic information about potential job gains or losses, talent recruitment needs, business expansions and space requirements. The principals of Classic Homes, Prem Puri, Dinesh Jain and Amita Jain were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for their contributions to Rockville’s economy. This event was filmed to be aired on the local cable “Rockville channel 11.” REDI visited approximately 50 diverse companies through out the Rockville Business Appreciation week.

More than 5,700 businesses, ranging from small family-owned establishments to major corporations, are located in Rockville. They employ more than 92,000 people. The greater Rockville business area includes nearly 23 million square feet of commercial office space, which is more than 40% of the total office space in Montgomery County. The Rockville business sector contributes $34.4 million, about 40%, of the property taxes collected in Rockville.

The REDI ambassador team that visited Classic Homes were:

January 4th, 2011‐ Classic Homes of Maryland was named one of the D.C. area’s fastest growing companies of 2010 by SmartCEO Magazine. Accolades included the company’s growth in both revenue and employees over a 3 year span. Classic’s start can be traced back just 4 years, to builders Dinesh Jain (President) and Prem Puri who now employ 15 to assist with the company’s growing demands and clientele in the past 3 years.

In Classic’s first year they were producing 5 to 6 homes. Now with the resources of a company behind them and the ability to produce custom homes, 2010 closed with 22 completed single‐ family homes. When asked what the most important growth decision has been, Dinesh Jain responded, “The most important growth decision has been to hire and retain honest, hard‐working, and passionate people. In the last four years, that has been my focus, and today I attribute the success of my company to my staff. They all have the same principles and service‐driven attitude as I do, and it reflects to our customers.”

Classic Homes has specialized in new construction in Maryland, building mostly on privately owned land, with sister companies building in Virginia. While the economy has waned, Classic Homes has grown each year and now has sales offices in Rockville, Columbia and Baltimore. A unique program called ‘Site Services’ recently implemented aims to help prospective buyers find suitable land for their dream home, whether standard or custom.

In 2008, Classic Homes of Maryland completed a home as the featured builder for popular tv show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”; they completed a house in 5 days for a homeless single mother raising 14 children. A year later, Classic Homes and builder Prem Puri were awarded ‘Builder of the Year’ for 2009 by Montgomery County and continue to be a leader in the building community. Classic is committed to innovative and inspiring design, while focusing on the needs of the household and surrounding community. From townhomes to luxury estates, Classic is always striving to deliver the best in new construction, with high quality materials, at affordable prices.