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For millions of us, our pets are bona fide family members. In fact, Americans spent a whopping $77 billion on their pets in 2022. It’s no surprise that the building industry has caught the wave, creating built-in features that cater to pets and their devoted owners.

At Classic Homes, we have crafted a variety of interesting and highly functional pet-centric elements in custom homes. Together with our clients, we are continually designing inventive solutions to streamline the lives of our clients with pets. Here are some of the options we have built—or will be building—in the months ahead.

A dog shower station
When you bring your pup home from a romp at the dog park or a walk through the rain, having a wash station to rinse him off eliminates the problem of dragging the mud into your home.

Slide-out dog barriers between rooms
Keeping the dog out of the kitchen while you cook or keeping the dog in the kitchen when you’re away from home has never been easier. We can install hidden gates and pocket doors where you need them, for when you need them.

A dedicated “dog room”
This catch-all room features an easy-to-clean tile floor, a wash station and direct access to an outdoor, fenced dog run.

A pet shower in the mudroom
Because what is the most logical room in the house to clean the mud from your pup’s paws?

A built-in feeding area for bowls and pet food
With a dedicated drawer or a recess in the cabinetry for the pet’s food and water bowls, you’ll never trip over the cat’s food or accidentally spill the dog’s water again. A deep drawer can create an air-tight way to store (and access) your pet’s food. Classic Homes can even install a ground-level faucet, making it simple to keep fresh water in Fido’s bowl.

A built-in litter box
A hidden litter box solves many problems for homeowners. Our team can help you create a hidden space in kitchen cabinetry, a wall or a bathroom. All these options are done to keep the litter box out of sight and, more importantly, out of smelling range.

Pet beds built into your cabinetry
With a pet bed built into the bottom of your kitchen island, your pet will be happily tucked into this custom sleeping nook and out of your way while you cook.

Pet-friendly flooring options
LVP (luxury vinyl plank) flooring has become popular for the main living areas of the home. With the look of wood and the benefits of vinyl, LVP resists both liquid (an advantage for cleaning pet accidents) and scratches (like those created by pet’s nails).

Porcelain tile flooring in mudroom areas offer a practical option for wet, muddy paws. In addition to being water- and scratch-resistant, porcelain is impervious to stains and more durable than other flooring choices such as ceramic tile.


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When customizing your new home for your family pet, the options seem endless with new innovations being developed all the time. Any of these developments will make your dog or cat more comfortable while taking some of the stress out of your daily life. Working with the Classic Homes design team will allow you to make the choices that best fit your—and your pet’s—daily needs.