From L to R: Dinesh Jain, President, Classic Homes; Amita Jain, Vice President, Classic Homes; Ike Leggett, Montgomery County Executive; Kathy Hansen, Classic Homes Customer; Diane Schwartz-Jones, Director of Permitting Services, Montgomery County. 

April 1, 2016 – Montgomery County, MD held an event this week to launch a new Design for Life (DFL) website. The Design for Life program provides property tax incentives to encourage residents to build homes with features that enhance accessibility for people with mobility limitations. 

Classic Homes customer Kathy Hansen, and Amita Jain, Classic Homes Vice President, were featured speakers at the event. Earlier this year, Classic Homes completed construction of Hansen’s home, a Belmont model, re-designed to meet DFL Livability specifications.

Other speakers at the event included County Executive Ike Leggett, Director of Permitting Services Diane Schwartz-Jones, and Councilmember Nancy Floreen.

Hansen spoke on the ways in which the DFL features have made access to her new home “dramatically easier” and improved her “mobility and quality of life immensely.” She thanked Classic Homes for working with her to customize a home to meet her specific needs.

Amita Jain spoke on the increased demand for multi-generational homes the company has seen in recent years. From first floor In-Law Suites, to features to accommodate seniors, these elements fall right in line with the DFL program’s goal to promote the “age in place at home” concept.

Are you taking the future into consideration as you plan your dream home? Contrary to popular belief, including accessibility or even livability features in a new custom home can be cost effective and attractive. And with the DFL tax credits, these features are more affordable than ever.

Learn more about our Accessible Design.


ddpuri-foundation-logoOctober 7, 2015 – This past week our founder, Prem Puri, and his latest spec home, 9704 Spicewood Ln, were featured in The Washington Post.

The story touches on Prem’s long career as a builder, as well as his charity, the DD Puri Foundation, which will receive the profits from the sale of the home.

Founded in 1998, the charity’s goal is to help provide for the most unfortunate in India, providing funds for everything from medical care to supporting a school for the deaf and blind.

DD Puri has branched out since its inception, and now contributes to causes in East Africa, South Asia and the Pacific. One recent project provided education for young girls in a Kenyan refugee camp.

Photos of the spec home, also appear online in the Washington Posts “Distinguished homes for sale in the D.C. region” feature.

Click here to view a PDF of the complete Washington Post article.

rockvilleBethesda is a beautiful city full of attractive neighborhoods, countless restaurants, interesting shops, various entertainment options and top schools. Bethesda has it all. But with very little available land, and a median home value of close to $900,000, it can be tough to find a place to build in Bethesda. 

This month, released their annual “Top 100 Best Places to Live” ranking, and Rockville, MD came in high on the list, at #17. Bethesda just made the list this year, coming in at #100. The ranking takes not only area amenities and schools into account, but considers affordability as well.

Rockville has its own growing selection of amenities. Rockville Town Square is well established and thriving with over 25 shops, 25 restaurants, and a brand new Cambria Hotel and Suites. was impressed with the area festivals, such as the popular Hometown Holidays, held in Rockville Town Square every Memorial Day Weekend. The huge modern Rockville Library was also a point of interest.

What about the schools? According to US News and World Report, three of the top ten public high schools in the state of Maryland are located in Rockville. Thomas S. Wooton High School came in at #2, with Richard Montgomery High School ranking #6, and Rockville High School at #8.

Want to learn more about the possibility of building your dream home in Rockville? Give the Classic Homes Sales Team a call at 301-256-4110.

complete-in-law-suiteClassic Homes can help you design a home that keeps the family close together, while maintaining a level of privacy and autonomy. Currently we are nearing completion of a custom home that achieves that goal beautifully.

The In-Law Suite begins with a separate entrance, which opens into a Sitting Room with dual coat closets. Past the Sitting Room the Suite has its own Dining Room and Kitchenette area, with a double sink, dishwasher, full-size refrigerator, and plenty of cabinet space.

A door at the back of the Dining Room opens to the In-Law Bedroom, complete with a walk-in-closet and full bath. A door on the right wall of the bedroom leads to the Study, and remainder of the home. Yes, grandparents, that door can be locked from inside the bedroom.

Contact our Sales Team today at 301-256-4110 to discuss your custom home needs.


By: Amita Jain, Co-Owner, Classic Homes of Maryland

I’ve been in sales at Classic since the day they opened doors in Maryland nearly 10 years ago.  And over the years I’ve come to learn about some really cool features to consider when building a custom home. I’d like to share these with you for your next construction project:

hidden-pantryHidden Pantry / Prep Kitchen.  This is one of the greatest concepts I’ve seen in several of our custom homes. We built it for the first time in 2009 and since then people have seen it, loved it, and built it in their homes. It’s basically a prep kitchen that has cabinet doors for entry. So when you’re standing in the kitchen, it looks like cabinetry, but when you open the cabinet doors, you walk into a 100 sq ft kitchen area. All your messy food prep goes on back here, keeping your new kitchen looking spotless with pretty hors d’oeuvres and flowers. I love it!

Separate His and Hers Toilets.  I grew up with 2 messy brothers. I had only one request growing up as a teen: “Please, please, Mom and Dad, don’t make me share their bathroom!” When I eventually parted with them, using the bathroom was bliss. Then…I got married. Though my husband was far neater than my brothers, it was still tough to make the transition to sharing again. This is an inexpensive option that can give you years of tension-free toilet use.

Outdoor Shower.  On my honeymoon in Hawaii, one of the small cottages we stayed in had an outdoor shower. It was an amazing experience to bathe under the stars! Recently, one of our clients added this to their Master Bedroom balcony. Can you imagine stepping outside, in total privacy, to shower up and then relax with an iced tea on your very own balcony, away from kids and noise?? How awesome!

4′ Garage Extension. If your floor plan comes with a two-car garage, extra space is a must for your bikes and lawn tools and space for the kids (and you) to remove dirty shoes neatly. Also great for storing pet stuff. If you’re opting for a three-car garage, and you’ll actually be parking 3 cars inside, consider this very convenient feature. Again, not costly, and will give you years of return.

Automated Stuff.  Nowadays everything can be automated and controlled right from your smartphone: security, lighting, temperature control, music…heck, you can even start your afternoon coffee and have it ready before you get home. This stuff is costly. But if you decide to invest in just one automation…go for the auto door locks. You can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. No more leaving keys for people. No more of Mom waiting on the door step in extreme cold because she forgot her key. And, hey, Grandpa arrived a bit early…so why not let him in and prepare his cup of coffee.

Winter is finally coming to end, and Classic Homes would like to help you ensure that your home survived the harsh winter months, and is prepared for the coming spring showers and summer heat.

It is very important to inspect your roof for any damage caused by the extreme winter temperatures, winds, ice and snow. Look for missing, broken or misshapen shingles. Damaged shingles can allow water to find its way into your home.

Gutters and Downspouts
Check your gutters and downspouts to ensure that water is being diverted away from your home. Gutters should be cleaned routinely to keep them free of leaves, branches and other debris. A clogged gutter can back up, causing water to wash over the sides of the house or into your roof, potentially causing all sorts of damage. Also check for leaks along the seams and corners of your gutters.  

Windows, Doors and Siding
Inspect your home’s windows, exterior doors, and siding, ensuring that caulk seals all gaps. Caulking is important, as it not only keeps cold air out of your home, but water as well. Make sure your caulk adheres properly. Also, check window screens, and make sure all windows are washed inside and out. Clearing windows of debris can help prevent standing water. 

Detector Batteries
Have you checked or changed the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors lately? Experts recommend checking and/or changing detector batteries at least twice a year.

 Water, Heating and Cooling
If your home has a sump pump, ensure that it is clear of debris, and there are no leaks. Clean all vents of debris, dust, etc. Additionally, all drains in your home should be cleaned regularly. Be sure to change or clean heating, ventilation and air conditioning filters. Turn on and check your hose bibs (the outside faucet connecting your hose to your inside plumbing system.) Over time hose bibs can leak and may need to be replaced.

Like a car, your home needs regular maintenance and occasional tune-ups to stay in great shape. As the seasons change there are different tasks to complete to ensure your home remains in top condition, keeping it beautiful for years to come. 

The Home Builder Association of Maryland held the annual MAX Awards on May 1, 2014 at Martin’s Valley Mansion in Hunt Valley, MD. Over 20 builders of all sizes, from national to local, competed for awards in a variety of categories. The master of ceremonies was Baltimore comedian and former 98 Rock star, Mickey Cucchiella.

Home submissions in the MAX Awards are judged on “design, livability and value”. Classic Homes entered a customized Lily Stone and took home the award for the Best Customized Home in its category.

The Lily Stone comes standard with features that make it a truly Craftsman home, including a Hardie Shingle/Hardie Plank front with stone accents. Inside, our Craftsman Trim Package includes finishes such as 6″ flat base boards and 4″ flat door and window trim.

This particular award-winning Lily Stone features a few unique customizations to suit the homeowner and the homesite. The biggest change was modifying the plan to fit the Bethesda lot’s 37 x 55 sq ft build area.

Through clever use of space, our architects managed to reduce the Lily Stone footprint, without losing any of the model’s charm or functionality. The Mudroom for instance, was replaced with a built-in bench and cubby holes.

Built-in book shelves added to the Den are both practical and stylish, giving the room a sophisticated feel. The homeowners also chose to add a rear raised covered porch, with an enclosed area below.

Our team takes great effort in customizing our homes to suit the specific needs of our buyers. Talk to one of our Sales Managers about building your dream home.

Are you looking to build a custom luxury estate home in Frederick County? Classic Homes of Maryland will be one of the featured builders at the Manor at Holly Hills Spring Open House this Saturday,

May 3 from 11 am to 3 pm. Join us for refreshments, lot tours, scenic country views, and to learn more about this community of custom luxury homes.

Classic Homes will be breaking ground this spring in Manor at Holly Hills. Choose from our extensive library of homes, or bring us your own custom plan.

The developers of Manor at Holly Hills set out to create Frederick County’s “most sought-after location for those seeking luxury and privacy, as well as convenience to city amenities and major commuter routes and airports”. The complete site is 185 acres, with views of forest, rock, and rolling hills.

Classic Homes is proud to be a part of this exciting project. Don’t miss the Open House this coming Saturday, only 9 homesites remain! Manor at Holly Hills is located at 5630 Ijamsville Rd, Ijamsville, MD 21754.

There are many things you can do to help prepare your home for these cold winter months, some require little more than a tube of caulk or a flip of a switch.

Ceiling Fans for Winter
Did you know ceiling fans aren’t just for summer? Some ceiling fans come equipped with a switch to change the fan rotation direction for winter months. This sends the warm air near the ceiling back down into the living space. This can be especially helpful in those difficult to heat two-story areas of your home. Classic Homes come equipped with a ceiling fan pre-wire in some rooms, and they can be added to other areas of your home for a nominal fee.

Fireplaces for Heat?
Traditional fireplaces are not necessarily the heat source people think they are. According to Dominion Power, even with a roaring fire going, it would be more efficient to seal off your fireplace, due to the cold air that comes in through an open flue.

Gas fireplaces however, can be a nice supplemental heat source, especially when positioned strategically in the home. With no need for a pile of firewood and little to no cleaning, an attractive gas fireplace is a wonderful addition to any family or living room. Classic Homes come equipped with gas fireplaces, but if you prefer a good old fashion masonry fireplace, that’s always an option too.

Benefits of Two-Zone Heating
Are the bedrooms upstairs in your home too hot to sleep, while the downstairs living room is barely warm enough to relax on the couch and enjoy a movie? Consider installing a two-zone heating and cooling system in your home. Multiple thermostat systems allow you to set separate temperatures for different areas of your home. The systems work through the use of dampers in your air ducts, wired to a control panel. A two-zone heating system can help you keep a consistent temperature throughout your home, while saving on your energy bills.

Questions about the energy efficiency of Classic Homes? Contact our Sales Team at 301-256-4110.

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Driving into the town of Brookeville, MD, visitors are greeted by a Welcome sign proudly proclaiming “United States Capital for a Day, August 26, 1814.” The line refers to the day President James Madison sought refuge in Brookeville, following the British invasion and burning of Washington.

Almost 200 years later, this small town steeped in American history, covers only 60 acres with 55 individual properties and approximately 135 residents. When Classic Homes was approached to build a custom home in this exclusive community, they jumped at the opportunity. Little did they know, this would be no ordinary build.

After meeting with Montgomery County’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) the scope of the job became clearer. To gain HPC approval and obtain a Historic Work Area Permit (HAWP), the custom home would have to meet a variety of requirements that would be no small feat for the builder.

Classic Homes’ architect and production team took the project as a challenge, and worked tirelessly to make it happen for their client. To meet the HPC specifications, Classic’s architect completely re-designed the Lilystone model to a unique 1 1/2 story custom home.

Classic’s architect studied massing (the interplay between height, length and width that determines overall shape and third dimension of a home) and came up with a floor plan and elevation to suit the requirements. Special exterior finishes were added to further the desired appearance, such as modern garage doors made to look like 19th century barn doors.

After a total of four appearances before the HPC Board, Classic Homes and their client obtained the necessary permits, and construction began. The homeowners were pleased that their Production Coordinator “went above and beyond” and were “grateful to have worked with him through the historic issues.” They also noted that the Site  Superintendent “was always on top of the project and responded quickly to questions” throughout the construction of their home.

Completed in July, this beautiful unique custom build is something the builder, the home owner, their friends and neighbors will be talking about for years to come.

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