Superior Quality

When you walk into a Classic Home, the difference in quality is clear. And for everything you see, there are many things you don’t see that exceed in quality when compared with other residential construction.


Better Experience

  • The leaders of our company have been building single-family homes, town homes, subdivisions and custom homes for over 25 years. They’ve built over 1200 homes in over 6 counties.
  • Our field staff have over 20 years of construction experience. Not only do they know the ins and outs of construction, they know the ins and outs of building a custom home and semi-custom home to perfection.
  • Our designers are also engineers. That means that in addition to getting a beautiful home, you can rest assured that it is designed to last and built in a way that saves you money.


Better Materials

  • All sub-flooring is LP TopNotch 350, not typical plywood. TopNotch 350 is twice as expensive, but warrantied for 50 years, so you know you are always walking on level ground.
  • We use parallams and PSLs instead of 2x4s to support beams and long headers. This costs us 5-7 times more but provides the strength for a long-lasting home.
  • All sheathing is OSB, not foam board or other flimsy materials that other builders use to save money. This gives it the rigidity, security, and insulative power you expect from your home.
  • The flooring system is made from engineered lumber, not 2x10s or other cheaper alternatives, to make sure your floors are sturdier and are not prone to squeaking.


Better Construction

  • Our homes are all “stick-built“. No pre-fab construction and no “panelized construction” (fancy word for pre-fab). This means that your home is built to match your specifications and can be built to match conditions in the field instead of being force-fit or ripped apart and rebuilt.
  • Your superintendent is continually supervising, coordinating, and inspecting the work at your home. Also, our Chief of Production visits every home under construction an average of five times to ensure it is being built to our exacting standards.
  • All subflooring is glued and nailed to the flooring system. Where there is hardwood or tile, we also screw in the subfloor to really make sure you won’t get cracks or squeaks.
  • We use draintile on the inside and outside of the foundation, with many interconnections. Although code only requires exterior draintile, our method ensures proper drainage even if part of the draintile is blocked.
  • We use steel reinforcement in all our concrete foundations and footers, even when it is not required and significantly more of it when it is required.



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