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With Classic Homes, the options and upgrades you choose may be included in your mortgage. Stretching these costs over the life of the loan at today’s low interest rates means you can create the home of your dreams for only a small increase in your monthly mortgage payment. You won’t have big credit card bills or headaches with remodeling later on; your home is exactly the way you want it, from the day you move in.

Look how simple it can be:

  • At 6.5% interest, that $7,900 gourmet kitchen you’ve always dreamed of could cost only an additional $48 a month.
  • Or, add a $2,900 Jacuzzi tub w/jets to get away from it all for just $17 a month.



Design options and upgrades may be added to your mortgage, making it more affordable to have the home you’ve dreamed of owning.


Due to extreme market volatility, please contact our Sales Team for current pricing and availability.


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