Site Work Management

Classic Homes will manage all of your site work and permitting.* Site work costs will be paid directly to vendors, with no mark-up for Classic Homes or the third party site work managers. 

Site work for new home construction includes everything necessary to prepare your lot for construction and approval by inspectors.

Build with Classic and everything will be handled for you – from surveying the land and applying for permits, to tearing down an existing home and re-connecting the utilities.

Land Engineering

  • Land Engineer/Surveyor for all State and County Residential Building plans, applications and engineering/surveying work
  • Site work estimates and bidding
  • Pre-construction meetings with the county


Grading, Sediment Control, Landscaping

  • Lot clearance
  • Tree removal (may vary depending on house siting)
  • Grading (rough and fine) which are required by residential building codes
  • Sediment control measures installed and approved by the county (varies by lot size)
  • Storm water management systems which are required by environmental & building codes
  • Construction entrance egress into your lot/project (applies to all existing and proposed driveways)
  • Basic landscape


Site Maintenance

  • Dumpsters
  • Street sweeping
  • Maintain construction entrance
  • Silt fence


Utility Disconnection and Demolition

  • Disconnection of public water and sewer
  • Disconnection of power, gas, cable
  • Removing existing structure



  • Permits (right of way, sediment control, demo, building permit)
  • Permit application and management


Utility Connection

  • Hook up of public water and sewer
  • New tap for water and sewer if required (1)
  • SDC charges
  • New electric connection
  • Reconnection of existing gas line


Miscellaneous Site Work Tasks

  • Sidewalk replacement or repair
  • Asphalt driveway and driveway apron
  • Dirt Removal/ replacement
  • Oversized basement dig
  • Management Fee


*Site work is managed professionally for a reduced flat fee. Additional surcharge may apply for projects in city, municipality, or historic areas.


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